Bibliography of Edinburgh History

Our ‘go to’ place to explore the wealth of what’s been written about the history of Edinburgh.

“The Bibliography is essential for our members, researchers, students, teachers, indeed for anyone wishing to find out more about Edinburgh’s rich and evocative history.”
Reverend Peter Graham, OEC President

The Bibliography contains more than 2,000 items: books, chapters, journal articles and dissertations. These date from Maitland’s ‘History of Edinburgh’ in 1753 to the contents of our latest issue of the Book of the Old Edinburgh Club.

It encompasses many themes: social, cultural economic, architectural, etc, and drills down to Edinburgh’s villages and communities as well as covering the city as a whole.

“I thought the list was very comprehensive. I was quite amazed at the breadth and variety of books, journals, etc in the list.” Tester feedback 2020

Using the Bibliography

The Bibliography is hosted by , the widely used, open-source tool for researchers.

Zotero opens with a display of all the Bibliography records by title in alphabetical order.

From there, you can:

  • BROWSE by document type (for example ‘Journal articles’) or within subject categories (for example ‘Biography’) by following the directory tree in the left-hand pane, or
  • SEARCH either in the full list or a subject or document type by using Title, Creator or Year keywords in the search box at top right.
  • ORDER your list by double-clicking a heading in the heading bar above the list. Clicking on any entry in a list displays a bibliographic record in the right-hand pane.
  • SELECT either a single entry by clicking on it to see full bibliographic records, or multiple entries using <ctrl/click> (<command/click> on a Mac); or a sequence of entries with <shift/click>. You can VIEW your selection by clicking on the bookshelf icon above the heading bar (tooltip: ‘Create Bibliography’).
  • DOWNLOAD your entries using the ‘Copy to clipboard’ button. You can choose another citation style for your list. (For best results check that ‘English (UK)’ is selected as Language).

“Once cracking Zotero I have had no difficulty in accessing the huge volume of information. I am very impressed by the content and detail.” Tester feedback 2020

Maintaining the Bibliography

Commissioned by the Club, the Bibliography has been compiled by Dr Malcolm Noble. We make it freely available as a means of promoting the study of our city’s history. Read [DOWNLOAD LINK TO BE ADDED] more about Bibliography in Malcom’s article for the Book of the Old Edinburgh Club 2020, Volume 16, pp103-107.

No bibliography is ever complete and you can alert us to missing items by using the online form on Zotero (this opens in a new window) or mailing the Bibliography editor, Malcolm Noble. We have commissioned Malcolm to update the OEC Bibliography collection.

Likewise, please:

We look forward to hearing from you.

“Thank you for undertaking this wonderful project. I suspect it is something which will never really be finished, but can be enhanced and adapted for years to come … I found it relatively easy to search for items in your bibliography using author names or keywords in the title. Citing items in a Word document is easily done and a reference list quickly compiled”. Tester feedback 2020

Terms of use

The contents of the Bibliography are made available for the purpose of research and private study only. Please contact us if you have other uses in mind