Lecture Programme 2021-22

We plan to host the 2021-22 programme of events in the the Augustine United Church (AUC), 41 George IV Bridge, Edinburgh EH1 1EL (see map), with live streaming for members who cannot attend. Lectures begin at 7pm.

Professor Roger Jeffrey13 Oct 2021India in Edinburgh: 1750s to the Present
Dr Sam Alberti17 Nov 2021Science, Technology and Edinburgh
Members’ evening15 Dec 2021To be announced.
Professor Iain Hutchison19 Jan 2022Disability in Edwardian Edinburgh
Sheila Collins16 Feb 2022Who is your Captain? The Edinburgh Riding of the Marches
Dr Rebecca Mason16 Mar 2022Widows, Dowers and Debts in Early Modern Scotland

Lecture Programme 2019-20

Thanks to COVID-19, monthly lectures in 2019-20 were held online via Zoom. Speakers were:

Poster for 18th November 2020 Bruce Gittings: Maps, History, and the Edge of the City
Wednesday 18th November 2020

Poster for 16th December 2020The Membership : Reminiscences: Photographs as Reminders of Edinburgh History
Wednesday 16th December 2020

Poster for 13th January 2020Terry Leventhal: 170 Years of Agitation: Lord Cockburn and the Founding of the Cockburn Association
Wednesday 13th January 2021

Poster for 17th February 2021Ian Levitt: H.M.Treasury and the University of Edinburgh 1840-1900
Wednesday 17th February 2021

Poster for 17th March 2021Professor David McCrone: Who Runs Edinburgh?
Wednesday 17th March 2021

Poster for 14th April 2021Clarisse Godard-Demarest: John Ritchie Findlay (1824-98): Architectural Patron and Benefactor
Wednesday 14th April 2021