Welcome to the Old Edinburgh Club

The Club is Edinburgh’s local history society, concerned with all aspects of the city’s history and development.

For one hundred years we have encouraged interest in Edinburgh’s history through lectures and visits. We also publish The Book of the Old Edinburgh Club, which is renowned as a source of well-authenticated information on all aspects of Edinburgh history.

We hope our website will help you to explore the fascinating past of Scotland’s capital. Go to the Membership page to learn how to join us in exploring Edinburgh through history. If you have a question about Edinburgh’s history, go to our Resources page for useful websites and books.

We are hosting our 2021-22 programme of events in the Augustine United Church (AUC), 41 George IV Bridge, Edinburgh EH1 1EL (see map), with live streaming for members who cannot attend. Lectures begin at 7pm.

On Wednesday 17 November 2021 Dr Sam Alberti will speak on ‘Science, Technology and Edinburgh’.

We have had a problem with our web hosting so some pages on this site may be out of date. We’ll get them fixed as soon as possible,